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What shoes do you run in?

I am currently loving this pair by On and recommend ordering a full size up to wear them with these thick running socks.

What is your half marathon training schedule?

My long runs are on Saturdays and recovery runs are on Sundays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are moderate runs and on alternate days I take pilates, walk, or do the stairs. Here is a full post on my current running schedule.

Do you eat before or after your workout?

Since I’m up early for weekday runs, I don’t eat anything before (except drink coffee) and then have breakfast when I get home.  On long Saturday runs I will have a Rx bar or protein smoothie before. I also make sure to drink a ton of water when training.

What app do you use to run with?

I’ve been using the activity app on the apple watch and love it because it measures heart rate and saves all the data (weather, route, each mile pace etc.) so I can go back and look at it weeks later.

What apple watch do you wear?

I recently got the rose gold 38 mm apple watch and am so happy with it!

What Headphones do you have?

I’ve been loving these wireless headphones because they sync with my watch so you don’t even have to bring your phone to listen to music.

What are your favorite shorts to run in?

I love the speed short by lululemon.

What leggings do you like?

I love leggings by lululemon, Nike, Koral and Ultracor.

What sports bra do you wear?

This one by Nike.  Order one size up.

How do you run when traveling?

I actually love to run on vacation because a fresh new route and scenery make it exciting. I’ll do my research before I get there and make sure to fit it in to my schedule even if that means switching up my run days.

Where do you run in Dallas?

The Katy trail is my favorite because it is less than a mile from my apartment.

What half marathon are you currently training for?

The BMW half marathon in Dallas this December.  More on that here.

Do you take any gels or gummies on long runs?

During longer runs (9+ miles) I take these yummy energy chews every few miles.

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