Ever since I quickly mentioned that I don’t drink alcohol, I’ve gotten tons of questions and thought it would be good to share.

So many of you reached out saying that you feel better cutting back on alcohol and that is amazing! A few said you stopped drinking completely and feel incredible!  Find what works for you and makes you your best.

I’m not saying I think it’s bad if you drink, pretty much everyone I know does!  I just find that I personally feel better since I stopped and if that helps motivate you to do something healthy in your life then that is great too!  You do you…

To be honest this was a subject I used to be embarrassed to talk about.  It took almost two years, but now I’m more confident and find it easy to say, I don’t drink.  Yes… I used to.

Alcoholism is genetic and unfortunately I know first hand the damaging effects it has.  I often had a hard time stopping once I started. Alcohol wasn’t adding anything positive to my life, so I just decided that I didn’t want to drink anymore.

I’ve become a runner, my skin is better, I have way more energy and don’t get hungover… the list of pros go on.  I learned to go out and still have a great time.

The most surprising thing is that people constantly ask me why I’m not drinking when I’m out.  If you don’t want to drink, have a quick answer ready when people ask.

 I usually order a sparkling water with ice and lime or a cranberry juice with lime when I’m out.  Topo chico is a great drink you can order at most restaurants or bars.  I also love lemon and raspberry lime Spindrift drinks at home.

Most people have to fill a void with something else.  One thing that has helped me is my passion for running.  I got addicted to it around the same time that I completely stopped drinking.

I still go out, dance and have a great time… People even tell me I look like I’m having the most fun in the group! You can still be social – promise!

*If you feel like you need help with drinking please don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, therapy and / or alcoholic organizations.  It is not something to be ashamed of at all.

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