5 Fall Beauty Favorites

I love transitioning over to darker colors this time of year.  A stronger scent and bordeaux nails are usually the first thing I change for Fall beauty.

tom ford black orchid

1. Black Orchid Perfume

This scent is one of my favorites.  It’s strong and always reminds me of colder months.

2. Mac Matte Eye Shadow Palette in C’est Chic

I love these matte neutrals for Fall.  Every color you could need for a day to night eye is included.

3. Nars Multiple stick

I love this shimmer stick, especially for the holidays.  I use my finger to dab it on the inner corners of my eyes and above my cheek bones for a subtle glow.

4. Essie Gel Couture polish in Model Click

This shade is my new go to for Fall.  These have lasted over a week with no chips. (Just don’t forget the special top coat.)

5. Kiehls Midnight Recovery

This oil smells like the spa and is perfect when your skin gets dryer in the cold.  I put it on every night before bed and always wake up feeling like my skin is nice and hydrated.

Black Orchid Perfume // Nars Multiple stick // Mac Matte Eye Shadow Palette in C’est Chic // Essie Gel Couture polish in Model Click // Kiehls Midnight Recovery


mac eye palette

nars shimmer

essie gel couture model click

Fall beauty

kiehls night oil



Photos by Krystal // Background from Vogue October Editorial

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