Tips for working from home

I love working from home, but there are definitely pros and cons! You can wear what you want, make fresh meals and plan your schedule… you also need to have self motivation, a clean work space and social time. Here are a few tips for working from home that I hope you find helpful! 😊

tips for working from home

Tips for working from home:

Get dressed

The first thing I do after my workout is shower and get dressed even if it is just in a different workout outfit or loungewear. Showering, getting ready and getting out of your sweaty clothes or pajamas helps set you up for the day.

Switch up your work space

I go a little stir crazy if I sit in one spot all day. I usually do the morning in our home office and the afternoon in the kitchen or our room. It helps to switch up the view and surroundings.

Keep a clean house

The first thing I do after getting out of bed is make it. It isn’t perfect, but it helps start the day and keep things tidy. Keeping the kitchen clean and clutter free, having organized drawers, empty spaces, soft blankets and candles around the house also help to keep things comfortable and happy.

Make a routine

Having a daily routine really helps me stay on track. I am a morning person so I schedule my workout and more thoughtful tasks early in the day. I have lists in my notes app and an editorial calendar that I plan out in advance to keep on track.  In my day, I plan for breaks – for movement, to eat, get outside for fresh air, talk to friends / family / co-workers and check social media. This planned structure works best for my A.D.D. personality.

Have healthy food stocked

One of the benefits of working from home is having the freedom to have fresh healthy meals. It sounds simple, but making sure you are taking time to have a good breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner (plus drinking water throughout the day) really helps with productivity and mood. 😊

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