Pregnancy Favorites

I’m currently in the third trimester of my second pregnancy! 🙂 From stretch mark oil to maternity jeans, here are my pregnancy favorites…

Pregnancy favorites!

Erbaviva stretch mark oil

I slather this organic stretch mark oil on before bed! It smells really good and I also used it daily during my last pregnancy. I also love this Jao brand body oil post shower for during and after pregnancy.

The pillow bar side sleeper pillow

I use this side sleeper pillow between my knees for sleeping.

Lululemon Workout clothes

I still love my align leggings and sports bra from lululemon throughout pregnancy.

Maternity Jeans

Two pairs of ankle skinny maternity jeans that I have found really comfortable from the end of my first trimester through my third are the AG over the belly maternity jeans and the 7 for all mankind under the belly maternity jeans.

Eberjey Pajamas

The super soft Eberjey Gisele pajamas have been a long time favorite – I just ordered a size up to accommodate the bump. I also loved having them in the hospital and at home for post-partum.


My favorite way to relax and help with back pain is to soak in a long (unscented) epsom salt bath before bed. This Eucalyptus / peppermint bath soak is great for sore muscles.

Commando underwear

I wear these soft thongs while not pregnant also, but they stretch well and are so comfortable.

Majestic Filatures tees

This brand is not made for pregnancy, but I love these long sleeve tees with a bump because they are fitted and longer. They are great for layering or wearing alone.

Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

These fleece turtlenecks are so soft and cozy! I love the longer length on the Cobble Hill style for pregnancy.


This amazon robe feels like the spa and it is long enough to accommodate a big bump.

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