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There is something about makeup that brings girls together… We’ve bonded over beauty while getting ready in the sorotiy house, learning tricks from our big sisters and talking about our latest favorite products with friends.

I still remember the first time I got my makeup done with a group of friends before Prom! It brings back so many fun girly memories.

Now, I simply order all of my beauty favorites online from Nordstrom. A few days later it shows up at my door. (The best kind of shopping!)



1. Mac Pro long wear waterproof foundation: Before a photo shoot or long night out, I always wear this foundation over this mac prep and prime base.  Everything stays in place.

2.Mac Mineralize skin finish: I mix “cheeky bronze” and “dainty” for a pretty contoured glow.



1.Mac Cool Tones Eye Shadow Palette: Mac makes my favorite eye shadows.  They stay on so well and this palette has every color needed for a delicate daytime look or a nighttime smokey eye.

2.Eye Lash Curler: This is a trick tool I learned from modeling days in highschool.  It seems like an extra step, but curling lashes makes a huge difference.

3. Bobbi Brown long wear gel liner in Chocolate shimmer ink: This is a product I have used since I started wearing makeup.  It stays on all day long.  Just use this brush to apply it.

4. Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in light bisque: This stuff is a miracle in a bottle.  This is another one that I have used since highschool.  It is so lightweight and hides tiered eyes in the most amazing way.

5. Mac Mineralize Mascara: Playing up lashes is so fun and flirty.  This mascara looks really pretty with several coats and doesn’t clump.



1.Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo: @Debbiesantibanez asked on Instagram how I travel with only a carry on.  I’ll let you in on my little secret, I don’t wash my hair if I’m just going away for a weekend.  This dry shampoo comes in a travel size and it is all I need to pack for my hair!  It also covers roots and smells amazing.  I suggest ordering in bulk…



1.Nars Body Oil: I love this oil for the transition from Summer to Fall because it keeps my skin from drying out and has the most beautiful scent.  No perfume needed with this.

2. Lancome Cream radiance cleanser: At the end of the day I use the luxurious lamcome face wash and follow up with the Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner to make sure everything comes off.

And then I pile all of these goodies into this Mac travel bag. Xx

Mac Pro long wear waterproof foundation // Mac Mineralize skin finish // Mac Cool Tones Eye Shadow Palette // Eye Lash Curler // Bobbi Brown long wear gel liner in Chocolate shimmer ink // Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in light bisque // Mac Mineralize Mascara // Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo  // Nars Body Oil // Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner // Lancome Cream radiance cleanser // Mac travel bag


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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom // Images by Mary Summers // Backdrop form Vogue Magazine

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