Something everyone needs in their closet is a great black suit.

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Even though my job is a bit more creative, my workaholic personality lends itselft to more of a corporate structure.

I have to follow a pretty tight schedule otherwise I would be up all night long managing contracts, emails, invoices, styling and updating the site.  One of the most difficult parts about being your own boss is definitely time management.

Those nights still happen now and again, but if I stick to my routine (work out first thing in the AM, take a break for lunch, then back to it until dinner time) I can usually leave my laptop behind and relax for a date night.

Luke works in a corporate real estate office downtown so we often meet up straight from work one or two nights a week to get dinner.

 When it comes to workwear, he likes to dress pretty traditional.  He was in need of a smart new work to dinner jacket and chose this soft knit blazer from Express.

I was in need of a good pair of  classic pants, so I went with the Express mid rise skinny fit pants because they can transition from a meeting to evening wear perfectly.  I find black skinny pants to be the most flattering and versatile.

 I paired them with this chic boyfriend blazer and added a silk lace tank to give the outfit a dressier more romantic look for date night.

One of my favorite things about Luke (besides his handsome smile and romantic charm???? ) is that he is so supportive of my career. I think he would say the same thing about me.  We are both really understanding about the importance of the others schedule and work ethic.

At the same time it also helps that we are both pretty independent and don’t require that we see each other every day.  If he has a client dinner come up, I don’t ask questions. If I have to work late, he offers to pick up dinner…  So when we do get to spend time together, we make that time count.

I think one of the most important things you can do for your significant other is value their time and be understanding of their work life.  When I asked Luke what he liked about me when we started talking, he mentioned that I wasn’t calling him all day or nagging him to hang out which in turn made him want to reach out to me more.  It’s all about having your own thing going on!





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This post was sponsored by Express.  // Images by Mary Summers.

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