Half Marathon Training

half marathon

I’m training for my first half marathon.

 If you had told me this in October last year, I would have laughed.  I’ve always loved working out, but running more than a mile sounded impossible.

I’m telling you this because if you just work your way up, have the proper gear and push yourself you can love running too.

Here are a few tips that have helped me.

1. Schedule it first thing.


Run days, times and distances are scheduled in my calendar through February with the longest runs on Saturdays. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I won’t do it.  This gives you structure as well as something to tick off the to do list.

2.Keep track.


Write down your times for each run so that you can try and beat yourself the next time you go the same distance.  Writing them down every time gives you a sense of accomplishment.

3.Wear headphones that don’t fall out.


Nothing gets me pumped like a good playlist.

When I first started running, I just stopped listening to music while running because my headphones kept falling out.  Then I heard about this Bose pair that are designed to stay in.  They really work and it has been so nice to be able to listen to music while running.  They also work really well to talk on the phone if you are on a walk.

4.Train with someone.


It is always better to have someone to hold you accountable.  I’m training with Luke and his older brother, Kyle.  We are all on the same program and text each other the night before, “Tomorrow, 6AM non-negotiable.”  We are working toward the goal together.

5.Reward yourself with new workout clothes.


A new outfit or pair of runners always gets me excited to workout and is a much better reward in the long run than an unhealthy dessert.

I keep my workout wardrobe mostly black and white so that I can mix and match everything.

My favorite running shoes are these Brooks and these Nikes.  Also, this Nike pair are really good for travel beacause they fold up and don’t take up much space in my carry on.

I just got the North Face Turtleneck poncho from Nordstrom.  I keep it in my car to throw on if I’m running errands after.  It has a high neckline that makes it more feminine  and a big pocket to carry phone, headphones etc. This fleece is also a cozy favorite.

6.Tell yourself you can do it.


Remember your body is way stronger than your mind thinks.  Luke told me this when we first started running together and it has stuck with me ever since.

It sounds so chessy but whenever I feel like I can’t go any farther, I say to myself a few times, “you are healthy, strong and can do this.”  Promise, it works!

If you have any questions on the program or schedule we are using, please ask and I will be happy to answer. 😉

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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom // Images by Mary Summers

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