brooks running shoes

10 reasons to run:


to feel grateful for a body that can move:

I am so thankful for my health.

to relax:

I just clear my head and focus on the movements.

to listen to a new playlist:

The music really makes a difference.

to feel sore:

My whole body hurts, but I’m reminded of my hard work.

to enjoy the outdoors:

It is a peaceful distraction.

to improve:

I love tracking my times and seeing improvement in my speed and strength.  it gets a little bit easier every week. Having this schedule has really helped keep me accountable.

to be happy:

Runner’s high is real.  No matter what was on my mind when I started. I always finish a run in the best mood.

to sleep better:

I’m so exhausted by the end of the day that I fall right asleep.

to have an excuse to buy new workout clothes:

They always motivate me and since I’m working out at least 5 days a week, I need a few outfits to choose from.  These leggings and this tee are my favorite and these shoes by Brooks have worked best for me.  I’m obsessed with this incredibly soft reversible jacket to wear before and after running.

There is no gym membership required:

Running can be done anywhere.  In Dallas, we normally run on the Katy Trail and when traveling we map out our runs ahead of time.

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reasons to run

brooks running shoes

the north face reversible jacket

brooks running shoes

Images by Mary Summers

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