We are one month in to the half marathon training plan I have been telling you about!

the north face vest

I am extremely nervous and excited to complete the Austin half Marathon in February!

Luke has run this race for the past 5 years and finally got me on board.

Since we both love a schedule, he designed a 20 week program to follow.  Do we always want to get up at 6AM and run? Nope, but the feeling afterward is so rewarding. Not every run is fun and easy, but the tough one’s make you feel so much stronger.

On the plan, we scheduled our long runs for Saturday and go from 4 runs a week to 5 mid November.

Many of you have said you are training or want to train as well, so I attached our schedule that you can print off to record your times in.  I would love to follow this journey with you, so please keep me posted!

My running wardrobe is mostly black and white so that I don’t have to think about matching when getting dressed in the morning.  I order a lot of my running clothes and accessories online from Nordstrom.  My favorites right now include this black puffer down vest for layering, these Nike leggings for cold mornings and Bose stay in headphones.

Shoes make a huge difference!  For long runs I always wear these Brooks with these thicker socksThis Nike sneaker is perfect for travel because they don’t take up a lot of room in the suitcase.

Down Vest // warm leggings // Nike Running shoes // socks // headphones // BROOKS SHOES


half marathon training schedule

half marathon training schedule

half marathon training plan

the north face vest

nike nordstrom running shoes


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom // Images by Mary Summers

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