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Since I can remember, I’ve always been into living a healthy life.  I love working out to feel good on the inside.  It starts my day and there is nothing better than a steaming hot shower after an intense sweat.

To be honest, I always loved reading fitness and health magazines over fashion magazines.  I love learning about healthy foods and why they are good for you.  Most of all, I love the sore feeling you’ll get the day after a workout.  Then I’m reminded I really used my muscles.

One of the best parts about running is knowing that the body can do it.  I feel so incredibly grateful for legs that can move.  When I’m running I’m not thinking about work or stress, I just zone out and focus on the movement.

Nothing makes me sweat like a good run and I really love that feeling.

Since I like to get my workout on first thing in the morning, this jacket has been so great for transitioning.  I usually start out freezing  then take it off and tie it around my waist once I get warmed up.  The First mile jacket has a hood to shield from the rain, side pockets for my phone and fold over cuffs to keep hands warm.

It’s no secret that most of my wardrobe is black and white, so when I found my favorite workout pants also come in a black and white pattern I was excited to add a little spice to my leggings.  The tight stuff tight II comes in 4 colors, has reflective details at the ankle and feels tight in all the right places.

My favorite shirt to sweat in is this lightweight lululemon Crew.  It is the softest shirt, absorbs wetness (I even wear it in the rain!) and comes in a ton of pretty colors. I’ve been wearing this shirt for years and every season pick up a few new ones.

When it comes to fitness, I always say just find what YOU love to do and go for it!




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This post was sponsored by lululemon // Images by Mary Summers

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