I love running because it makes me feel strong, healthy and empowered.

krystal schlegel in lululemon

1. You can run anywhere anytime.  That means you can find a trail in pretty much any city.  When you are on vacation, try researching new paths to explore.  My favorite in Dallas is The Katy Trail because they have quarter mile markers and it is 7 miles total.  In New York City, we ran the paths in Central Park and it was such a treat!

 2. Find a running buddy. Luke and I are on the same running schedule and it makes for a fun ‘daytime date.’  Even if we can’t run at the same time, having someone to text and say ‘I ran this morning and this was my time!’ really helps to keep yourself accountable.

3. Follow a schedule.  I probably wouldn’t run if I didn’t have it planned out.  We schedule our runs on the calendar months in advance.  You can find the current plan we are using in my half marathon recap.

 4. Work your way up.  If running three mile sounds intimidating, it’s okay to start out by walking when you need to until your body has adjusted.  I definitely had to take walking breaks when I started out.

5. Find the proper sports bra.  This really does make the world of a difference!  When I first started running last year, my boobs were always hurting.  It turned out my bras were way too big.  Once I found the right bra and the correct size, my boobs were the last thing on my mind.

lululemon recently invited me in for a personalized fit session to try out the Enlite bra made for high-impact workouts.  It’s perfect for runners.

I love this bra because it fits perfectly, (they come in bra sizes) it’s comfortable, so soft, and supportive.  Best of all… it has lightweight built in cups (which makes me feel feminine instead of pressed down).

6. Sign up for a races.  You will feel much more motivated to train, even if it’s a 5k.

Pretty soon you’ll know exactly what they mean by ‘Runners High.’

xo, Krystal

bra c/o (wearing my normal bra size-34B) // leggings c/o

Krystal Schlegel the katy trail running dallas

lululemon knox street dallas

lululemon elite bra

lululemon elite sports bra

krystal schlegel on the katy trail dallas

lululemon capri pants

the katy trail

lululemon tights

This post was sponsored by lululemon // images by Mary Summers

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