Hi guys! I’m so excited to be partnering with the BMW Dallas Half Marathon to run this December.  I’ve been sharing little bits of my training on social media so far and have loved all of ya’lls amazing questions and positive feedback!  Today I am giving you my current half marathon training schedule along with a few notes and tips on running. We just signed up for the race here.

krystal schlegel half marathon training


 bmw dallas half marathon training plan

My first half marathon wen’t pretty smoothly.  I did leave with the expected sore muscles and the worst blisters, (that lasted for weeks) but I felt like an athlete. All of the training I put it was worth it.  I’m so excited to share that I am now training for the BMW Dallas Half Marathon.  I’ve never done one in Dallas so I’m really looking forward to running a race in my own city!


In prep for my first half marathon last February, I wasn’t very good about cross training. I know that having a strong core will help improve my running.  This time the plan is to switch from 5 runs/week down to 4 so that there will be more time to work other areas by doing weights, pilates and walking.

We scheduled long runs on Saturdays and recovery runs on Sundays because that is what works with our schedule, but modify to what works best for you!  I personally like to run first thing in the morning. (After coffee, lol.)

I enter all of my runs and other workouts in my phone calendar so that I know exactly what I have coming up.  After every run, I write down my time or the workout class that I did that day in the blank space on the chart below.  If I miss a workout (due to sickness or injury) I just draw a line through the box.

Scroll down for the current schedule.  We are currently on week 5.  (You can print it out if you are interested in using it too.)


I love the feeling of accomplishment running gives me.  I’ve mentioned in this post that I never really ran more than a mile at a time until last year.  I’m also extremely ADD and don’t usually focus well. Running is actually the first sport where I’ve felt I can truly settle in and unwind.  When Luke and I started dating, he was training for his 5th half marathon and I said “that is so cool, I could never do that.” The next summer, he convinced me to take up running.

It is really fun to do together.  We started slow, alternating between running and walking until I could run 3 miles without feeling the need to walk.  This is just to motivate you if you feel like you can’t do it.  I haven’t always been a runner.


The On Cloudflow running shoes have been my favorite so far.  I love how lightweight and cushioned they feel. (I recommend going one half size up and wear them with these thick running socks.)  The right shoes can make all the difference.

While it is hot out, I usually wear leggings or shorts by Lululemon or Nike with a fitted sports bra (so important to find one you like) and a lightweight tank or tee and a hat.  I’ve been loving these headphones and apple watch as well.  When I got blood blisters last time, these  blister bandaids and these gel toe covers really helped.


A lot of people ask if I feel the need to change my diet while training. I’m usually a pretty healthy eater overall, but I try to add in more brown rice, avocados, bananas with peanut butter, smoothies and protein bars for extra energy.

  Since I’m up early for weekday runs, I don’t eat anything before (except drink coffee) but on long Saturday runs I will have an Rx bar or protein smoothie before. During longer runs (9+ miles) I take these yummy energy chews every few miles. I also make sure to drink a ton of water when training.

(This is all my personal opinion, I am not a nutritionist or fitness certified.)


Mark your calendar, the Half and Full Marathon take place December 10th.  For more information and to sign up head over to


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bmw half marathon training

bmw dallas half marathon

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bmw half marathon

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This post was sponsored by BMW Dallas Marathon. Images by Mary Summers.

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