I’ve been getting a lot of questions on instagram about my favorite running gear: shoes, shorts, socks, watch, energy chews, protein bars etc.  Here is a list of everything I’m currently using (and loving) for the BMW Dallas half marathon training.  If you are training too, don’t forget to practice with your race day outfit (including the socks & sports bra) and the energy chews you are going to take! Would also love to know what you can’t run without!

 half marathon training

1. Shoes: The on cloudcruisers are my favorite right now! I recommend going up one full size.

2. Socks: These thick balegas are worth the price to help prevent blisters.

3. Sports Bras: This Nike bra is the best and it’s currently on sale.

4. Protein Bars: I always have a Think Thin bar 3o minutes before a long run or an Rx Bar with a green juice after a short run.  My favorite flavors for Think Thin bars are chunky peanut butter and brownie crunch.  In Rx Bars I like chocolate sea salt and pumpkin spice.

5. Running shorts: I just got this Nike pair and love how they fit.

6. Blister aids: If you follow on Instagram you probably know that I get really bad running blisters lol.  I use these bandaids, these toe covers and a lot of you recommended 2nd skin squares (I could only find them on Amazon) to put on before the bandaids. Another thing that has helped is to let the blisters breath when you are at home.  It lets them dry out faster.

7. Running Fanny pack: This lightweight fanny pack holds my phone and gummies.

8. Running energy chews: I used these for my first half marathon and have been training with them for the upcoming one as well.  Just make sure to practice with whatever you take on race day.

9. Head phones: Love these wireless headphones.  They would also make a great Christmas gift for him.

10. Apple Watch: I use the built in fitness app on the 38mm rose gold apple watch to track all of my runs and movement throughout the day.

on cloudcruiser running shoes // 38mm rose gold apple watch // nike running shorts // balega socks // wireless headphones

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