Happy Monday!  Got back from New York late last night and am seriously in the holiday spirit – the decorations there are always so beautiful!  If you have ever been to my apartment, you know that I have a small obsession with candles.  My sweet mom is the same way, so I wanted to share a few of our favorites for the holidays.  A beautiful holiday candle is a relaxing luxury you can get for yourself or as an easy gift anyone will love!

holiday candle

1. The Nest Hearth candle is one I’ve been burning for years.  I love this one because it has a warm smoky scent that almost smells like a fire.  It has a hint of masculinity that could also work for him.

2. The Lafco Starry Night candle is my favorite to give as a gift because the glass packaging is so pretty! The Lafco Master bedroom is my favorite scent during the year.

3. This Capri Blue spiced cider candle has a long burn time and is done in such a pretty display.  This is  a great find for $30.

4. This Mahogany Teakwood Bath & Body works candle is another great option for your guy.

5. The Nest Holiday candle is my mom’s favorite.  It has hints of pine, cinnamon, vanilla and amber.

Nest Hearth candle // Lafco Starry Night candle // Capri Blue spiced cider candle // Mahogany Teakwood Bath & Body works candle // Nest Holiday candle

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