Since posting more of my favorite healthy snacks and that I don’t have my Gallbladder on Social Media I’ve been kind of overwhelmed at the response! So many of ya’ll asked questions because you or a family member is having a hard time after a Cholecystectomy.  Some of you just like to know more about eating healthy!  While I am definietly not a certified nutritionist, I have suffered with some serious stomach problems. I’ve found that clean eating has changed my life!  No more thinking “my stomach hurts” after every single meal…

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If you have ever shared a meal with me, you know I’m pretty careful about what I eat.  I’ve done a lot of research and talked to doctors and nutritionists to find a way of eating that doesn’t hurt my stomach.  Again this is just what works for me and it can’t hurt to share my personal habits because if it helps you in any way… I’ll be happy!

I had my Gallbladder removed at 17 (Im now 28) after finally seeing a doctor for stomach issues.  I have a pretty high pain tollerance, but after eating certain meals and while running I would complain that my sides, chest and stomach were hurting.  We later found out they were Gallstone ‘attacks.’  After finding the issue (my doctor did a sonogram and found largely inflamed Gallstones) I was in surgery a few days later.  I was born 9 weeks premature which meant I was in an incubator and under the Bili lights for awhile.  My doctor said he has seen a correlation between premi-babies and Gallstones.

The Gallstone ‘attacks’ went away after surgery, but I still had bad stomach issues and indigestion after most meals.

My surgeon explained that every one handles not having a Gallbladder differently.  (The Gallbladder lies beneath the liver, stores bile and helps digest fat.) He recommended I be careful eating anything fatty, greasy or fried.  No more unhealthy eating for me or I would be running to the bathroom lol.

My family doctor also recommended cutting out Gluten and that made a huge difference!  It was really difficult to resist at first, but now I feel so much better that I don’t miss it one bit!

Now my diet is pretty consistent, I can run long distances and my stomach never hurts after a meal!  I usually have Eggs, Oatmeal or a Protein Smoothie (Spinach, greek yogurt, protein powder, blueberries, almond milk and banana) for Breakfast, a big Salad for Lunch and a Think Thin bar, Rx bar or gluten free Larabar brownie bites as a Snack.  Dinner is always something different and then I have salted dark chocolate if I’m craving dessert.

My favorite chocolate desserts are this organic dark chocolate, this organic chocolate sea salt bar and these gluten free Emmy’s coconut cookies.

A lot of people are surprised to know that I don’t drink alcohol.  I have personal reasons for this and it is just what works best for me currently.  Would love to know what your favorite healthy foods are and why you like to eat clean!

Please consult with your Doctor on a diet after Gallbladder removal if you are having issues.  Here and here are a few symptoms of Gallstones if you feel like you are having Gallbladder problems.

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I just got these Asics running shoes and am really loving them! (I ordered a full size up and wear these thick running socks.)

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Obsessed with my Apple watch and this rose gold pop socket! I picked up this grey sweatshirt in L.A. without even trying it on because it felt so soft!  It’s longer in the back so it covers your bum in leggings or white jeans.

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These Spanx leggings are super high waisted and I love the pocket detail.  They make you feel sucked in and slim!  I’ve had this pair for over a year and they have lasted so well even after so many washes and wears!

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  1. This may be a dumb question, but what size shoes do you wear / running socks did you get? I can’t find a size chart on Amazon. (I may be blind, ha!)

    Ellen | A Pinch of Serendipity