My favorite thing about blogging is getting to hear from you guys.  After my last half marathon, so many of you reached out saying it inspired you to take up running or to sign up for a race! Finding running has been so positive for me.  (Not saying I wake up every morning and can’t wait to run, but I’ve never finished and regretted it.)  An early trip to Starbucks also helps with the motivation lol.

I’m definitely not an expert, but here are a few things that have made running a little easier for me…

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Ease into it

The first time I ran I got horrible side stitches, but decided to stick with it until eventually the cramps went away and I could slowly ease in to running farther and faster.  I didn’t just go out one day and run 5 miles.  I started with half a mile then 1 mile and worked my way up until I didn’t need to take a walk break.

  I had always wanted to be ‘a runner.’  Now I find running so therapeutic and it makes me really happy.  Runners high is definitely a real thing.

Make a schedule and set a goal

Scheduling my workouts on the calendar is the only way to keep me on track.  Knowing exactly what I’m going to do that day before heading out is important. If I just had “run” written down on my calendar, I would probably just go out and stop after two miles. If I have run 5 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Thursday and 10 miles Saturday, I will actually stick with it.

Try signing up for a race (even if it is a 5k) to have something specific to train for and change up your distances every week so you don’t get bored.

Do some research

When it comes to running, I’ve really tried to do my research to become a better runner. I’ve incorporated sprints and intervals into my training, learned to stretch and foam roll, researched good form and found the right shoes for me.

I am constantly learning more by asking other runners and trainers for tips and also love reading Women’s Health, Shape Magazine and Runner’s World.  Just got this book on running as well.  Following other runners on Instagram is really inspiring too.

Fuel Properly

  Drinking a ton of water is so important when distance running… I’ve ended up at my Dr. office before from dehydration on a run and it was not fun. He said to also make sure to drink a ton of water the days leading up to a long run.  So basically I’m now that girl that has water (or coffee) in hand at. all. times.

I also have found that I’m hungrier and need more calories since adding long runs into my routine.  I love to have a RX or think thin bar as a snack midday. If I’m craving something sweet after dinner, I reach for salted dark chocolate and I take these energy gummies during 10+ mile runs.  I have to eat pretty clean from having my gall bladder removed.

Stretch and Foam Roll

I used to just go out and start running, but now I take the time to really stretch, warm up/ cool down and foam roll after.  Pilates on my alternate running days has also really helped make sure I take the time to work on stretching and flexibility.

At the end of the day, you want to live a long life where you are doing things you love and encouraging others along the way.  For me that is taking Pilates classes, meeting a friend for a long walk and running outdoors with a great playlist.

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