I know life is not always sunshine and butterflies lol, but I do try my best to live every day spreading as much positivity as possible. Showing love and happiness is very contagious.  Here are a few things I like to do if I’m having a bad day…

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1. Think positively

Even when we are going through hard times or things aren’t going the way we planned, there is always something to be thankful for… family, job, health and friends are always the ones that come to my mind!

2. Read a daily devotional

I usually read mine at night before bed.  I’m currently into this one and this one … both are quick and to the point, but always lift my mood.

3. Give yourself some love

There are days where I don’t put on a stitch of makeup… (no makeup Monday anyone!?) But most days taking a little time to put on my makeup, get dressed up and blow dry my hair makes me feel so much more confident!  BTW, even if I’m not wearing makeup, I put on my sunscreen!  I’ll admit, there were times that I used to look in the mirror and think of all of the things I would change about my body.  As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve grown to look at myself in a much more loving way and it has changed my life.  Sure there are still things that I know are not perfect, but isn’t a little imperfection the beauty of life? Now when I look in the mirror I am thankful for a strong healthy body that can run long distances!

4. Call a friend or family member

We don’t always have time to meet up in person, but one thing that always lifts my mood is to call one of my close girlfriends, talk to my sisters or brother and of course get advice from my sweet Momma!  My Dad gives wonderful advice too, but he is not a big phone talker lol.

5. Take a long bath

One of my all time favorite things to do is take a long bath with epsom salts.  It probably isn’t the best thing for my skin, but I like the water as hot as I can stand!  This also helps relieve my sore muscles after running.

6. Get in a morning workout

Because endorphins make you happy!  I am definitely the type that has to workout first thing or I won’t get it done. (No matter how early that means getting up!)  It also sets a healthy tone for the rest of the day.  My favorite way to relieve stress is to go for an outdoor run with a motivating playlist, take a Pilates class or meet a friend for a leisurely walk on the trail.

7. Play on Pinterest

I could spend hours on Pinterest and it really takes my mind off of anything stressful.  I find everything there: fashion inspiration, healthy recipes, workouts, inspirational quotes, photography ideas, travel destinations, home decor, and hair & beauty looks!

8. Enjoy a little Dark Chocolate

Okay the ladies probably know what I am talking about!  Dark Chocolate is necessary every once in awhile and right now this salted one is my favorite kind.  SO YUM!  Also, just read in Women’s Health that Chocolate actually has a ton of health benefits like antioxidants and can boost mood! Make sure it has Cocoa listed under the ingredients.  It has a little caffeine which might also be why I love it!

9. Smile

I had a Journalism professor in college that told us one thing he does every day is Smile, make eye contact and maybe even say Hi to someone who wouldn’t expect it.  Whether it is someone at the grocery store, a homeless person or someone at the gym, you never know what it could do for their day!  And chances are it will make you feel good too!

10. Make a new playlist

Having a new upbeat playlist always puts me in a good mood!  Here is my current running one.

11. Treat yourself

This obviously isn’t something I do every day, but booking a polish change when I’m feeling blah or treating myself to a reflexology massage after a long run makes me feel really good.  Other simple ways are watching a good chick flick, getting a new pair of running shoes, using a mask, finding a new candle, sitting down for coffee, enjoying quality dark chocolate before bed and taking a weekend nap!

12. Eat well

If we nourish our bodies with whole foods and treat them well, we will feel so much better.  I try not to go more than four hours without eating or drinking something! (Otherwise I get seriously hangry – my fam will agree lol.)

13. Walk the aisles of CVS

Is it weird that CVS is my happy place!?  (#NotSponsored)  I have been a fan of the store forever and would beg my older siblings to take me there before I could drive.  There is just something about searching the aisles for new products, grabbing a treat, a big bottle of water and using my coupon card that makes me really happy!  If I’m traveling, it makes me feel like I’m somewhere familiar.  Whatever that is for you, find a place that makes you feel at home and go as often as you like.

14. Be generous with compliments

Give someone a genuine compliment and I promise it will help make you feel just as good as it does them!  It could be a thoughtful e-mail to someone you admire, a kind Instagram message or telling someone you love their dress!

What are some things that you do to have a happier day?


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This outfit is such a good go-to.  I just got this sweater (it can be worn off the shoulder or tunic style and comes in a bunch of colors) and these booties are my most comfortable pair.  The cut out at the top makes these boots flattering with skinny jeans.

hermes kelly bag