Love the look of a classic white blouse with ripped jeans! Also this lightweight rain coat is so perfect for Spring…

white blouse

white button down // thong set // rain coat // hoop earrings // Levi jeans // black dress // twist back sweater

1. Can’t go wrong with a classic white button down. Love the tie front detail on this one.

2. Love this comfy set of thongs for every day.

3. My new favorite rain coat… wore it in this blog post if you want to see how it looks on.

4. These hoop fabric earrings are so fun with Spring dresses and tops.

5. Been thinking about getting this pair of distressed Levi jeans.

6. The perfect black dress for a sophisticated look.  The fit is so flattering (worn here) and pretty and it also comes in white!

7. The twist back of this sweater is so cute!  It also comes in black or grey.