Hey babes!  Thought it would be fun to share a few random things about me that you might not know.  I always love reading these types of posts on other blogs so I hope you like it too! 😉

Also, these jeans are my new favorite pair from the 100% exclusive Bloomingdales collection.  The dark wash high rise is so flattering and the ripped details add an effortless touch.  For reference, I’m 5’6 and wearing the size 25 (they run a little big) and cut two inches off the bottom with scissors to make them the right length.

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jeans // tee // old jimmy choo heels (similar) // chanel boy bag (similar)

1. I LOVE soft blankets and big pillows.. I have about 8 blankets on my couch and at least 12 pillows on my bed lol!

2. Running is my passion.  I’ve done three half marathons and plan on doing a full marathon by the end of the year.

3. I’m the yougest of four kids and we are all best friends.  They all call me Kiki.

 4. I grew up in Dallas Tx, but everyone else in my family was born in Canada.  We still spend every 4th of July there.

5. In high school I won best laugh lol. My laugh is so loud and a little obnoxious – got it from my Dad!

 6.  I was born 9 weeks premature and only weighed 2 lbs.  I had gall stones for years (they say due to being premature) and eventually had my gall bladder removed.  Ever since I’ve been a very healthy eater. (More in this post)

7. My hair is naturally super curly.

8.  Church is my favorite part of Sundays.

9. Pinterest is my favorite place for inspiration.

10. I was on the drill team in high school and LOVE to dance!

11. I havn’t had a sip of alcohol in over two years and haven’t gone a day without coffee.

12. Jeans are my favorite thing to buy.  If I could, I would wear a black tee shirt, jeans and heels every single day.

skinny jeans

These ripped jeans are 100% exclusive to Bloomingdales so you can only find them here.

burberry tee

This quality black tee is my go-to.  I’ve had it for a couple of years and it still looks new after so many washes. I actaully fold the sleeve down so that the Burberry  check only shows a little bit.

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I got this Chanel boy bag from my 27th Birthday and love it for day or night.

chanel boy bag

These Jimmy Choo heels are sold out from last year, but I found a similar style here and here.

most flattering jeans

The back pockets on these jeans ares super flattering.

hudson jeans