How to dry hair using a round brush

My hair is naturally very curly… here is how I’m able to smooth it out, go days between washes and style it without using a curling iron and only a hair dryer!

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 oribe BLOWOUT SPRAY // dyson dryer // hair oil // dry shampoo // Robe // round brush

My first step is obviously to wash my hair.  I only wash it 2 or 3 times a week using this shampoo and this conditioner.  Both help calm down my natural curls.

I also love to use this purple conditioner (my hair colorist recommended) once a week to add a cool tone in hair terms.  It is not drying like a lot of other purple color correctors can be.

Next, I try to let my hair air dry for as long as I have time to wait.  It is naturally ringlet curls and takes a very long time to dry so this helps make it quicker to style.  I spray this blowout spray over each section.  It is pricey, but honestly works so well and I only have to order a new one 1-2 times a year.  I highly recommend this product if you have thick, curly and frizzy hair. (It might weigh your hair down if it is thin and straight.)

Then I section it half up and use a round brush to smooth it out.  I blow dry it out section by section (the smaller the better) with my round brush until that piece is completely dry then hold it wrapped in the brush a few seconds for it to cool.

Once each section is dry, I put this Oribe oil on the ends and twist it up into a bun on top of my head to finish up getting dressed and ready.  This step adds a little curl at the ends and helps tame any frizz.

A lot of you ask how I only wash two times a week when working out almost every day.  I don’t wash very often partly because I’m too lazy to style it every day lol and because I feel like it is healthier for my hair to have a break from the heat.  For running, I wear a hat or keep it up in a high bun with clips.  I usually schedule my hair wash days for Wednesday and Saturday because those days I’m doing longer more intense workouts.  Sometimes I wash it Monday as well if needed.

I can get by days with this dry shampoo because it smells so good, absorbs oils, adds body and the color covers up the darker roots. (They make a blonde or brunette version.)  Sephora also sells the mini travel size. When I go on a short trip I just bring this instead of actual shampoo.

Btw, I’ve been wearing this soft robe every day to get ready since I got it for Christmas lol. So cozy!  It comes in more colors and would be such a good Mother’s day gift idea too!

dyson sypersonic hair dryer

This dryer works incredibly fast and after a few blogger friends talked about it (Thx Ashely and Katey!)  I decided to try the Dyson hair dryer for myself!  If you have thick hair, it saves so much time.  (Mine used to take 30-45 minutes and with this it only takes about 15!)  That much saved time is so worth the big investment in my book.  I’m also not spending money on salon blow outs anymore.

purple conditioner

I’ve been using all of these hair products for years!  From left to right…  blowout sprayhair oilpurple conditioner, dry shampoo,  gold lust repare and restore conditioner.

dyson hair dryer reviews

Once a section is dry, I let it cool while keeping it wrapped up in the round brush.

oribe gold lust oil

This hair oil is expensive, but I’ve only had to re-order it 1 – 2 times a year and use it almost every day.  A few pumps go a long way.

blonde hair highlights

This robe is seriously the softest coziest thing ever! Also love these blankets in the same material.

These are the big hair clips I use!

how to round brush hair

I’ve been taking these hair gummies for a few years now. I’ve actually noticed a big difference in my hair growth since taking them!  They are a yummy treat in the morning with coffee.

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