Jean jackets are everywhere.  It has become a joke between my friends and I because we still love to wear them even though literally every girl at the party has one on… so basic!

My dad said he now wants to pull his out from the 80’s. I wore mine every day in L.A. with him last week lol!  We looked around at dinner and were laughing so hard because at least one girl at every single table had on a jean jacket.

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jacket (also in white) // jeans // lace cami // bra // earrings // bag // heels

This jean jacket is my absolute favorite! It is so soft and comfortable.  I’ve worn it with dresses, black jeans, white jeans, stripe pants and even over my workout clothes.  My favorite way to style it up for dinner or a casual party is with black jeans, neutral heels, fun earrings and this pretty silk cami!

Here is a similar jean jacket for under $100.

jean jacket

This silk lace trim cami is so pretty for layering. It comes in a ton of pastel colors here too. This stick on bra is a must have to wear with tanks, dresses and off the shoulder tops.

 jean jackets

My friend Mary and I even showed up wearing the same bag, black jeans and jean jackets the other night for an event.  It is seriously the easiest put together outfit to throw on!

denim jacket

This jean jacket also comes in white.  So fun for Spring and Summer!  I would style it over easy sun dresses or with my black jeans.

how to style a jean jacket


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