How do you stay positive?

One question I get often is how do you stay positive all the time.

While I may seem to have it all togeher, remeber that social media is mostly just a highlight of the happy times.  People aren’t usually posting that they are worried about the future, sick, having a bad day or going through something really hard.  There are many days where I show up to a photo shoot and the last thing I feel like doing is having my picture taken, but I’ve learned that the most important thing is to smile and move on.  It’s okay to be sad sometimes, but I try not to let things get to me for too long.  A positive outlook and strong faith are the best way to get through the rough times.

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Everything happens for a reason

This is one saying that has gotten me through so many things.  Whether it is a breakup, illness or career uncertainty, knowing that God has a plan (even though it may be hard to see now) makes me feel so much more relaxed about life’s curve balls.

Talk to a friend, family member or therapist

Talking things out with someone who will truly just listen always helps.  Last year I also turned to a therapist on the phone because going into someone’s office intimidated me.  Therapy can be so calming and helpful.

Surround yourself with positive people

Being around someone who brings you down or has negative energy can really start to wear you down.  Try to distance yourself from people who don’t lift you up.  My older brother is a big optimist and he always talks about giving positive energy which makes him really fun to be around!


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