6 Healthy Orders For Eating Out

You girls are always asking for healthy meal ideas so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my quick go-tos for eating out. I try to have 2 bigger meals, 1 small meal and 1 snack every day and eat gluten free / mostly plant based.  Here are a few of my simple faves:

healthy meal ideas

healthy meal ideas:

Accidentally Vegan salad from Empire bakery

I love the colorful pre made salad at Empire Bakery in Dallas, but pretty much anywhere that has a good salad bar is a great healthy option out.

Sweet Potato, brown rice and smashed avocado bowl from Flower Child

Flower Child is so good and I feel like they are in a lot of major cities now!  Pretty much anything on the menu there is a healthy option, but my favorite is to choose 3 sides and make it a bowl.  I also love their blackberry lemonade! ????

Green Mountain Milk Smoothie from The Juice Bar

I have a smoothie almost every day for either breakfast or lunch.  When I need one on the go, The Juice Bar in Dallas is my favorite.  They have so many convenient locations and my order is almost always a Mountain Milk Smoothie add Banana (almond milk, cinnamon, egg white protein, green apple, kale) and a small pressed orange juice. If I’m making a smoothie at home I usually do Vega protein powder with kale, cinnamon, frozen fruit, water and ice.

Steamed Vegetables, brown rice and Edemame from Pei Wei

You can order pretty much any dish steamed at most Asian restaurants to eliminate the sauce and deep fry. I like to get steamed vegetables and brown rice then add soy sauce myself at Pei Wei.  This is one of my favorite meals the night before a long run because it fills me up and is so healthy.

Perfect Bar and Venti iced Americano from Starbucks

Most Starbucks now carry Perfect Bars – if not you can get them from Amazon, Whole Foods or TJ’s in the fridge section.  When I don’t have time to sit down and eat, this bar has just the right amount of calories to hold me over until my next meal.  This is also a good bar to bring on vacation – I usually have one for breakfast or as a meal on the plane.

Salad Bowl from Chipotle

Chipotle is one of my favorite quick lunch or dinner stops when I don’t feel like cooking.  My healthy order is a bowl with shredded lettuce, black beans, pico, corn and guacamole – then I of course add salt.

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