Hydrating from within, limiting certain foods and using sunscreen every day has really made a noticeable difference in my skin…  Here are a few simple tips that have worked for me!

krystal schlegel - simple tips for better skin

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limit dairy and gluten

After watching What the Health a few months ago, I decided to limit dairy.  I’ll still have an occasional Mozzarella salad or yogurt if it sounds really good, but only once every few weeks.  (Before I had dairy pretty much every day – I’m still mostly plant based / vegetarian.)  I’ve noticed my skin is much smoother and a lot of little bumps have gone away.  I’ve been gluten free for years because of an allergy, but I also think cutting out gluten helped my skin.

sunscreen and primer

Been using this sunscreen mixed with this primer base and rarely ever wear foundation anymore.  The sunscreen and primer smooth everything out and I know I’ll be thankful in the long run for never leaving the house without SPF on.

exfoliation and night oils

Seriously addicted to this hydrating midnight recovery face oil.  I’ve been using it every single night for years and love the soothing  lavender scent before bed. I also use this the Kate Somerville exfoliator treatment twice a week before getting in the shower.  It helps smooth everything out and you can feel it working!

hat coverage

On pretty much every outdoor run, I wear a hat to protect my scalp and face from the sun.  I also always wear a sport sunblock on my long runs.  This one is easy to spray on.


I pretty much always have a drink in the car with me!  Right now I fill up my big yeti with ice water several times a day and love these sparkling blackberry drinks.  I also have an iced Americano every morning and once I’m done I fill the cup up with water since caffeine can be dehydrating. One more way I like to hydrate my skin from within is with a smoothie or green juice every day.  Staying hydrated is also so important for runners and I notice my skin just looks better when I drink more water.



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