Last weekend I asked for your favorite healthy Starbucks orders on Instagram stories and got hundreds of amazing responses – thank you!  A few of you asked if I would post the answers for your own order inspiration so I thought it would be fun to share 30 that sounded good!  Also – do ya’ll use the Starbucks App to pre-order?  It saves so much time and when you use the app you collect stars/rewards that end in a free drink! So fun!

In case you are wondering my usual order is a Grande iced Americano in a Venti cup with extra ice.  When I want a hot drink I get a Grande Americano in a Venti cup and add Vanilla powder.

Keep scrolling for your answers!

healthy starbucks orders

30 Healthy Starbucks Orders

1. Short Ristretto espresso macchiato with 1 pump pumpkin spice – @kmslagl

2. Sous Vide egg white bites and iced cold brew – @maddiegonzalez

3. Doppio espresso over ice with almond milk – @everybodygrl

4. Flat white with a sprinkle of cinnamon – @karenadixon

5. Double shot on ice with no syrup – @lololunden

6. Skinny blonde latte with 1 pump sugar free vanilla – @apearlkindofgirl

7. Coconut milk Cappuccino – @hazelandharmony

8. Tall americano with sugar free vanilla syrup – @fourtyish

9. Skinny vanilla latte with almond milk – @laura.morrish

10. Tall Skinny vanilla latte – @KameronWestcott

11. Soy latte with one pump of hazelnut – @lovelysoho

12. Black iced coffee with 1 pump of mocha, no classic syrup and no milk – @_cswan

13. Double shot on ice with coconut milk and one pump of simple syrup – @daniroosman

14. Coconut milk latte with powdered cinnamon steamed in the milk – @livluvlaugh

15. Grande iced Coffee with 1 pump mocha, no classic syrup and a splash of cream – @aryns4

16. Iced Americano with 1 pump of hazelnut – @asmashinggoodlife

17. Grande Almond milk vanilla latte with one shot and one pump cinnamon dolce – @leahbirddd

18. Red Eye – @Stephanie_aynne

19. Grande Pumpkin spice latte, 2 pumps pumpkin spice, soy milk no whip – @kimberlywhitman

2o. Nitro cold brew with light pour half and half – @alexhelton_

21. Iced Dopoio with a splash of almond milk – @mrscecewills

22. Cold brew with coconut milk – @mhankes2

23. Doppio espresso in a venti cup with caramel premier protein on top – @paigephalphen

24. Blonde roast with 1 pump of pumpkin spice – @lauren_osterholt

25. Americano black – @maritza3212

26. Iced Americano – @juliahart

27. Grande Dark Roast – @whitney.rhine

28. Cold brew with cold foam – @carolineschreiber

29. Vanilla bean coconut milk latte – @katelynd.glass

30. Iced coffee with coconut milk and one pump sugar free vanilla syrup – @nataliemelis


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