St. Barth’s Guide

We do a family trip to St. Barth’s every year and with many of you saying you have a trip here, we wanted to share all of our favorite spots!

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St. Barth’s is a casual collectivity of France!  We love the laid back vibe and beautiful beach clubs.  The runway to get here is one of the shortest in the world.  We fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico on American Airlines then take a small turbo prop plane on Tradewind. I always get a little nervous on the flight in, but the view is a beautiful distraction!  December through May is generally the best time to visit.



We walk to this healthy eat-in or to-go spot every morning for coffee and breakfast!  They have everything from healthy smoothies and acai bowls to croissants and paninis.  I also got a few to-go containers of their prepared options for lunch.


Eden Roc recently re-opened after a rebuild following Hurricane Irma.  Drink your coffee and take in the beautiful beach view.

Lunch and Beach clubs:

Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc is a very chic hotel with a beautiful beach club for lunch!  

Nikki Beach

The famous Nikki Beach is perfect for a group party!  It is located in the center of Saint Barths. We always go for a swim after lunch!  Sunday is the day to go if you like louder music and want to dance on tables lol! There is usually a professional photographer that will take beautiful group and individual photos on the beach post lunch.

Le Toiny

A magical St. Barth’s hotel with a chic neutral color palette! They take you down for a beautiful lunch on the beach in a Land Rover defender.  This would be the perfect romantic getaway hotel as well!

Shellona beach

Have lunch while overlooking the beach!  They have fresh greek food and a casual atmosphere! Perfect for a low-key afternoon with the group!



La Petite Plage

This newer restaurant is right in the boat area.  The floor is made of sand and they had great music!


Bagatelle turns into a fun dance scene as dinner is ending!  Get ready to have fun!


Have dinner under the tropical palm trees at Tamarin in a warm island setting.


This charming St. Barth’s restaurant is so pretty.  I want to decorate my living room just like the cozy white decor here.


My parents found this little Italian restaurant hidden above all of the best St. Barth’s shopping!  The boys said it was the best pizza they had ever had and I got a colorful salad that was so fresh!


Think dark lighting and amazing Italian food.  If you’re craving pasta this place is perfect.

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cheval blanc saint barths

Le Tamarin

le toiny St. Barth's

Le Toiny Beach Club

le toiny hotel st. barths

le toiny hotel

Hotel Le Toiny



Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach

st. barth's track

St. Barth’s track

We would run/walk to this track every morning and do sprint workouts!

St. Barth's travel guide

For a list of what I packed, check this blog post!

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