What to do the week before a half or full marathon

Since we have a big run this weekend, thought it would be helpful to share a few smart things I’ve learned to do the week leading up to a Half or Full Marathon!

golden goose

alo turtleneck // LEGGINGS // golden goose sneakers // nail polish

What to do the week before a half or full marathon!


Holding back is hard to do when you are used to working out hard, but it is so important to let your body rest the week before a big run.  I try to run at a slower pace no more than 4 miles.  I don’t do any activity besides walk or stretch the two days leading up to a half or full marathon.

Book a sports massage

Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage before the race (after your last run before the race) and one 24 hours after the race.  Your body needs to recover and it is something to look forward to!


I keep a huge water bottle with me at all times in general lol but especially the week before a big run!  Before the Dallas Marathon I also drank a lot of coconut water and fresh juices the days before.

Choose your outfit

You want to have run in your race day outfit several times. (Down to the socks and sports bra!)

Eat what you are used to

Don’t try any new meals. (Especially the night before.)  Eat what you are used to so that you don’t have any stomach issues.

Make your playlist

You can find mine on iTunes here.

Practice running at the race start time

The week before your race (or sooner) practice running at the start time so that you are used to that time.

Pack in advance

Be prepared.  Make sure you have everything packed in advance so that you don’t forget anything.  Snacks, headphones, socks, outfit, water bottle etc.


Get as much extra sleep as you can this week.  Often times nerves keep you up the night before the race so try to get to bed extra early 2 nights before.


At the end of the day, Half and Full Marathons are supposed to be fun and a way to reach your own personal goals.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Try to relax and just enjoy the moment that you have trained so hard for.

What to do the week before a half or full marathon

Wearing a size small in both the leggings & turtleneck. Btw, these golden goose sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I own – highly recommend!  Styled mine here and here as well.

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