Tips for Finding workout motivation

With the sunny Spring weather upon us, it is the perfect time to get outside for a run or walk!  A few things that have helped motivate me to keep a healthy fitness routine…

fitness routine

sweatshirt // leggings // sneakers

Working out for a better day

When I think of working out because it puts me in a better mood and gives me more energy for the day, I am more likely to follow through.

Find a goal and reset

Your goal might be to train for a marathon or look good for a special event!  It is great to have things on the calander to get in extra good shape for, but once you have passed that goal, don’t forget to set a new one!  Always having things on the calendar (signing up for races) helps keep you motivated.

Record your workouts

I make a spreadsheet for my workouts and write in my time or what I did that day.  It feels good to get it done and check it off the list.  I also like to keep my past sheets for comparison.

Read up

Reading Women’s Health, Self and Shape Magazine always help motivate me.  I’ve also really enjoyed these books on running: MarathonEat and Run, What I talk about when I talk about running, and currently half way through Run Fast. Research running plans, treadmill workouts and other tips on Pinterest, blogs and google for inspiration for your fitness routine.

Track your progress

Using the apple watch and tracking it with my phone really helps keep up with my progress, pace, heart rate and distance.  More details on how I use my apple watch here!

krystal schlegel fitness routine

This sweater is so soft and cozy! The shoes come in more colors here!

starbucks orderCoffee always helps get me going in the AM.  My healthy Starbucks order: Grande iced Americano in a Venti cup with extra ice.  If I need a little treat, I add a shake of chocolate and vanilla powder at the bar.

pink nike
P.S. I’ve never regretted a run once it’s done!


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