Getting a ton of questions about my Apple Watch on Instagram lately, so I thought it would be helpful to share the details of how I use it.  Last weekend I ran the distance of a half marathon with a friend (just for fun lol) and snapped the pic below…  It definitely wore me out, but gave me the confidence to sign up for another Half Marathon in Austin this coming weekend!  This will be my 3rd official Half Marathon and I have a wedding in Dallas the night before so definitely won’t be going into it with much sleep.

  Scroll down for a few answers to your most asked Apple Watch questions… I’m obsessed with mine!

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What apple watch do you have?

I have the 38 mm series 2 apple watch in rose gold.

What app do you use to track your workouts? The one you show in all of you Instagrams?

I always use the fitness app that comes with the watch. (It’s the one that looks like a runner.) There is an option for every kind of workout including Pilates, Indoor Run, Outdoor Run, Stairs, Bike etc.  I select HIIT if I’m doing a bootcamp class.

Do you also bring your phone for running?

I always bring my phone if I’m alone for safety, but if I’m running with someone I use these wireless headphones to play music from my watch.

I’ve noticed you wear your watch with normal outfits too, do you wear it all day?

Yep, it reminds me to stand up throughout the day and keeps track of my heart rate, steps, etc.  I often keep it on airplane mode so that calls and texts don’t get distracting when I’m trying to work.  I never really take it off unless I’m sleeping or showering. (That is when I charge it.)

What do you set your active daily calorie goal at and how do you change it?

I set my active daily calorie goal to 450 (based on my weight/height) and I usually only achieve my move goal on the days that I run.  I do try to achieve my stand up and 30 minutes of exercise goal at least 6 days a week.  To change the move goal (your active calories) you go to the activity app (the one that looks like three rings) and hold your finger down on the three rings until an option pops up that says ‘change move goal.’

Do you change out the Apple Watch bands?

I haven’t just because I work out pretty much every day so I like the sportier band and don’t wan’t to have to change it out all the time!