Helpful Moving Tips

A few helpful moving tips I have learned over the last few weeks!

moving tips

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Get started early

As soon as I knew I would be moving, I started packing up winter clothes etc. so that I could do a little bit at a time.


Before packing, makes sure you are only packing what you really love.  Moving is the best time to get rid of / donate anything that you don’t use often.

Pack the essentials you will want right way in a separate bag to take yourself

You probably we be unpacking all of the boxes in one day, so it is smart to bring over a few clothes, kitchen supplies, the coffee maker and cups, toilet trees, toilet paper etc. in a separate bag to unpack first.  Just to be safe, also bring your jewelry, valuables, passport etc. yourself to make sure they don’t get lost.

Clean out the closet

I love to clean out my closet and get rid of anything I am not wearing often.  My rule is to only keep the things that I want to see in my closet every day.

Invest in new matching hangers

I absolutely love having matching hangers in my closet.  Everything looks so much more streamlined and clean.  After my velvet ones kept breaking, I decided to get this quality hanger set and highly recommend them – they look pretty, clothes don’t fall off and they can hold dresses, tanks and heavy jackets.

Pack in an organized way

Use moving bins with wheels and the suit cases that you already own.  I invested in these roll handle tote bins that can now be used in the storage closet.

switch over wifi, cable, mail etc. in advance

Remember to schedule everything to be switched over to the new place early on!

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