How to organize your fridge & pantry

There is something so fun about looking inside a well organized fridge and pantry. It makes finding things, cooking and grocery shopping much simpler when everything has a place in the kitchen! I wanted to share our recent pantry and fridge organization because we love it so much!

how to organize fridge

We moved in to our home a few months ago and still hadn’t gotten around to organizing our pantry and fridge! When Jamie from Incredibly Organized reached out about coming to help organize a space in our home, I immediately thought of the help we could use with our kitchen and share the results with you!

They came over for a consolation, sent me ideas on products to use for pantry and fridge and a few weeks later they spent hours cleaning and placing everything. We are so happy with the result and feel like meal prep and grocery shopping has become much easier now that we know exactly what we have, need and where it goes.

How to organize your fridge & pantry

Start by taking everything out – toss old products and clean the shelves

Take inventory of what you have – find out what food you need

Shop for clear bins and organizers – find clear bins, jars and baskets that make things easy to see and grab

Place food groups together– having a place for everything is so helpful for finding things and knowing what you are out of

Put most used food at eye level – organize the most used and healthiest items so that they are the first thing you see in the fridge and pantry

Rotate older items to the front – when you buy something new, put it toward the back so that the items closer to expiration date get used first

Prep your food – Wash all produce and place it in clear containers and drawers so that it is all easy to see and grab

Fridge organization containers:

fridge organization pinterest

I love having all of our produce color coordinated and east to grab.

fridge organization

We always keep Almond milk (for smoothies) bottled water, fruit, vegetables, hummus, chicken, cheese, eggs, nut butters and snack bars. For the freezer our go-to’s are frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s, shelled edamame, fish, vegetables and a few treats.

how to organize refrigerator

A few easy and healthy week night meals that we love to make are Spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes and asparagus, lentil pasta and a protein with brown rice.

organized fridge

For breakfast I pretty much always have oatmeal with PB and fruit or a green smoothie with spinach, almond milk, ice, cinnamon, blueberries and a banana.

krystal schlegel fridge organization

I absolutely love how our pantry turned out. We are working with a smaller space and these organizing bins really helped keep things neat.

pantry organization

Incredibly Organized made the pretty labels for our jars and spices. The Oxo good grips containers are great for keeping things sealed tight and easy to reach for. I also love the lazy suzan turntable idea for snack bars and chocolate.

Pantry organization containers:


Baskets are perfect for keeping things in place. I especially love our big baskets at the bottom because they roll on wheels. It is easy to pull one out and grab what is needed. We use these bigger baskets for paper towels and cooking tools.

Pantry organization baskets:

pantry bins

These Oxo good grips containers are my favorite! They keep things sealed so they don’t go stale and are easy to grab and take on the go.

pantry jars

Click to shop our organization containers, bins, baskets and food favorites!

Big thank you to Incredibly Organized for helping us with our pantry and fridge organization! Photos by Mary Hafner.

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