Simple skincare routine

This is my current simple skincare routine including 5 products: natural deodorant, face serum, body wash, face cleanser and body oil.

simple skincare routine

Simple skincare routine!

  1. Ursa Major hoppin’ fresh natural deodorant: I switched to this soothing mint eucalyptus deodorant when my sister put it in my stocking 3+ years ago. It works really well and I love that it is toxin- free.
  2. Vintner’s Daughter face serum: This is my tried and true product. In my opinion this serum is worth the investment. I put it on nightly before bed and each bottle has lasted me 6+ months. It smells amazing and really helps hydrate. I’ve never had botox and rarely get a facial, so I feel not spending on those treatments justifies the cost of this face oil.
  3. Indie Lee Rosehip face cleanser: I started using this gentle face wash when I found out I was pregnant. It works well to remove eye and face makeup plus it smells really good.
  4. Mama Mio the tummy rub oil: I am using this all over my body post shower for pregnancy.
  5. Start Happy 100% natural shower gel: Luke and I both love this geranium + peppermint shower gel by Plant Apothecary. This doubles as my shaving cream and body wash!

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