Weekend Notes

We are home from our first big family road trip to Colorado and it was so much fun! We loved bundling up to go on walks in the morning and hanging in our pajamas all day. It always feels good to be home after a long time away. Lake was so happy to see her room! 🙂 Here are a few links for the weekend!

roller rabbit pajamas

Roller rabbit pajamas for mama and matching for baby

Can’t go a night without my Vintner’s Daughter face oil.

This is the baby shampoo I use on Lake.

This sweet orange, Cedar wood and sage hand soap smells so good and is always on our counter.

A refreshing toner.

Cozy slippers to slide on.

The T3 round brush I have used for years is currently 15% off with the code BESTYOU at Verishop.

You can’t go wrong with these original aviator sunglasses.

A beautifully textured turtleneck.

This hair mask is so hydrating, my mom and I both use it with the Oribe shampoo and conditioner set.