New sunglasses for summer

I am really excited for Summer this year! We will be spending a lot of time outside on our patio, riding bikes, going to the park, to the pool and going for our daily walks with the kids! We also have a fun beach trip and Colorado trip planned. Luke and I chose several pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses for all of the outdoor occasions this summer. We love Maui Jim sunglasses because they are great quality for being active, polarized, block harmful UV rays, enhance color and look cool! ???? If you are looking to update your sunglasses collection we highly recommend Maui Jim! They will also make a perfect Father’s Day gift idea!

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riding bikes

Maui Jim Sunglasses for him:

  1. Perico
  2. Kawika
  3. Cheetah 5
  4. Stone Shack

Maui Jim Sunglasses for her:

  1. Pua
  2. Little Bell
  3. Two Seps
  4. Mavericks

Thank you to Maui Jim for sponsoring this post! Photos by Beckley.