Selling with The RealReal

I recently started consigning with The RealReal. I love to keep my closet edited and donate or sell the items I’m not using. The process of selling with The RealReal is very convenient because you can go to the store, ship or have them come to your closet! Once they go through the items, they do all of the work for you. They will photograph, price and sell your items. This process is quite simple and makes cleaning out your closet really fun!

I made an appointment in store since it was my first time consigning with them. I took in clothes and accessories as well as a few bags. I had a meeting to go over the bags and they gave me the price they would sell them for then I agreed to sell them. For clothes, they went through each item and decided if they are going to sell that brand or item. Next they shipped them off for me to be photographed and sold. Once the items sell you can get paid during the next pay period after the return window. Here is the commission guide if you want to see the structure. If you are looking to clean out your closet, I recommend consigning with The RealReal.

the RealReal
the realreal dallas on knox
selling with the realreal
the realreal hermes bags
the realreal dallas - van cleef necklaces

This post is sponsored by The RealReal. Images by Heather Nicole.