The case for a minimal closet

Today is National Consignment day and The RealReal is asking us to bring fashion full circle by recirculating one in five items. This will help put fashion on track to achieving the goals from the Paris Climate Accords. Now is the perfect time to work on editing your closet! Here are my tips for keeping a minimal closet:

Edit, only keep what you wear + donate or sell the rest– Aside from seasonal and special occasion pieces, I only keep the clothes that I really wear and feel confident in.  I donate clothes that aren’t needed and take the quality higher end pieces to The RealReal if they aren’t getting used. So far I have had success selling several bags and clothes with them and they do all the work.

Be intentional with new purchases– Before purchasing something I decide on what multiple occasions I can wear it for and how I would style it. For example, I’m not going to be tempted to buy a bright print dress that you might only wear once. Every piece needs to have a purpose. If I’m buying new items and running out of hangers, it means it is time to sell or donate a few things I don’t need anymore. 

Reasons for a neutral closet– You may notice my closet is only made up of neutral colors. The reason is that those colors make me feel calm and happy and a neutral color palette is the most versatile and timeless in my opinion. All of my pieces can be worn multiple times. Only buying neutrals keeps things edited and streamlined as well. Walking into a neutral and minimal closet of essentials makes getting dressed quick and simple.

The RealReal’s October Promo details:

  • Earn up to a $350 site credit to The RealReal
    • Earn $100 when you consign 10+ items OR
    • Earn $200 when you consign 20+ items
    • Earn $50 when you consign with The RealReal for the first time
    • Earn $100 when consign a FJW item with a list price of $750+

National Consignment day with the Real Real - minimal closet

Thank you to The Real Real for sponsoring this post. Photo by Heather Johnson.