Recently one of my besties (thanks Rachel!) dragged me to The Pilates Barre.  Two classes in and I was addicted.  It was everything I wanted from a workout.  I love the loud music and every class is different so I never get bored. Plus anything you have to sign up for in advance is key, right!? (No backing out… It’s all done through an app that adds to my apple calendar.)  After a few months, I reached out to partner with The Pilates Barre and am happy to share my favorite workout with you guys.

krystal schlegel pilates barre

Pilates is similar to dance in that you are using your core, balance and posture, but with low impact moves to lengthen and strengthen.  You wear special grip socks so that you can stay on the machine white holding planks and doing other balancing movements.  The 9:30 class is my favorite way to break away from my computer mid morning and feel refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

pilates barre classes  pilates barre

pilates barre dallas


This post is in partnership with The Pilates Barre // Images by Mary Summers 

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