5 ways to extend your blowout


Having colored hair means I have to take extra good care of my strands.  I definitely don’t wash it every day and make sure to use good heat protecting products.  Here are a few ways I like to get and extend my blowout.

1. Royal Blowout Prep Spray: This is the first step to achieving a beautiful blowout.  I spray it on when my hair is half way air dried before getting after it with the dryer.

2. Oribe Blowout Styling Cream:  This cream helps protect the ends and I simply run it through my hair with my fingers.

3. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo:  This is my secret weapon. I order this spray in bulk (also comes in a small travel size bottle and a brunette version) because I go through a bottle almost every two weeks. This spray covers my roots and makes it so that I can go a few days between washes.  It also smells amazing.

4. Slip Silk Pillow Case:  I first read about these pillow cases in a magazine and decided to splurge last week.  It keeps my hair looking the exact same as when I went to bed.

5. T3 Round Brush:  This round brush is what I use to curl the ends while blow drying for a natural bend at the bottom.



moroccan oil dry shampoo

round brush  oribe royal blowout

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