healthy summer tips


1.Find something you really enjoy: I have friends who are religious with yoga and spin classes and found myself looking at the clock the entire time.  I didn’t have fun, but I recently got into running and love the feeling.  I’m no expert, but it is exciting to see progress and push myself. I also love pilates classes, so I mix it up with both so I don’t get bored. Try a few different classes to find a workout you actually enjoy and are excited to get to.

 2. Schedule your workouts: I try to schedule workouts 5 days a week on my calendar just like I would a meeting that I can’t back out of.  I am a morning person and know that if I schedule it for the first thing in the morning, it is the only way it will get done.

3. Sign up: This summer a few friends and I signed up for a 5k.  It isn’t anything serious, but it is something to train and look forward to.  I also sign up for my workout classes the week before.

4. New clothes: A new outfit or pair of runners always gets me excited to workout.  I keep my workout wardrobe mostly black so that I can mix and match everything.  My new favorite running shoes are the Nike Pegasus and I love this Zella jacket to layer.  Nordstrom has a really good selection.

5. Plan ahead: Fitness and Diet go hand in hand.  When it comes to healthy eating, I am extremely careful.  I had gallstones removed at 17 and ever since, I’ve been forced to fill my body with clean ingredients.  I try to plan ahead when it comes to meals and if I’m traveling, I always bring snack bars in my bag.  Eating a healthy breakfast an hour before my workout keeps me motivated.  My go to is usually oatmeal topped with greek yogurt and agave or an egg white omelet with fruit to keep me full until lunch.  Starting the day in a healthy way is the best feeling.

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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom // Images by Mary Summers