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One of my favorite dates with Luke when we first started talking was going on a run together.  It was the first time we weren’t dressed up and it was so nice to just relax and get to know each other in a casual setting.  Now we have grown to love running together on the trail.

Since we have a crazy travel schedule this Summer, we decided to always pack our running shoes and workout clothes so that we don’t have an excuse on holiday.

Luke runs in the Austin half marathon every year.  His workout routine is pretty regimented.  I am so impressed by how he maps out his runs and plans his gym schedule weeks in advance.

His workout wardrobe includes a lot of underarmour and these asics running shoes to train.

My workout wardrobe is mostly all black so that I don’t have to think about matching my outfit.  And let’s get real, not EVERY date involves a dressy dinner. (Although there is outfit inspiration for that here.) I want to keep nicer workout clothes that can also be worn to pick up takeout or cook at home and still feel put together.

I have a few pairs of these leggings for Summer and almost always bring a jacket with me to use the pockets or tie around my waist.  I recently got my first pair of APL running shoes and love them so far!

Anytime you are working toward a goal, it helps to have someone there to push you and keep you accountable. I’ve always loved running (but never long distance) so we have been trying to work together to help get me up to speed.

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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom // Images by Mary Summers

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