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If you follow my instagram, you probably already know that my travel day outfits often have a common theme.  I almost always have on some variation of the following: dark colors, layers, ballet flats, a blazer or leather jacket over a black tee and always my tumi carry on bag.  It is important to dress comfortably but polished on the plane so that you are ready to explore straight from the airport!

I hate to check a bag and this tumi roll on fits so much and the hard case is extremely durable. (I often end up sitting on top of it to make it zip up! Oops… but it does help!)

I like this bag because it rolls all directions so I can literally set my purse on top and push it in front of me. So easy.

My highwaisted 7 jeans are another item I always wear on the plane because they are so stretchy it feels like you have on leggings.  When I used to work in retail, we referred to these jeans as the magic jeans because they fit everyone so well and are so comfortable.  I always bring an extra pair on vacation so that I have a clean new pair to wear on the way home.

I just purchased this perfectly lightweight linen blazer for Summer travel and it looks so chic and classic.  During the fall I almost always wear a leather jacket.

This cosmetic case is my new favorite for Travel.  It has so many different compartments to keep everything organized and I keep my jewelry in the top part to eliminate bringing a separate bag for accessories.

The Chloe scalloped ballet flats are my absolute favorite.  They are the number one item I always recommend when people ask me what to buy for travel. Like SO comfortable, but still look put together.

smythe JACKET // 7 JEANS // chloe FLATS // tumi BAG


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  1. Love it! I have a few travel outfits that are on repeat, too. It makes me feel better to look pulled together even when delays and jet lag are factors.