krystal schlegel and luke davis

My family couldn’t believe we were able to pack for 8 days in Italy in a carry on!  When Luke and I travel we never check bags.  It is something I am so glad we are on the same page with because it saves so much time!

*I use this tumi roll on bag I ordered from Amazon.  It rolls all directions making it super easy to navigate the airport.  Every time I use it, I am surprised by how much it can fit and how light it is!

My summer packing list:

In the carry on:

1. Off the shoulder wrap blouse: This can be worn with white shorts or jeans and folds up easily

2. White shorts

3. Beaded earrings

4. 2 pairs of jeans: One white pair and one denim pair.

5. 3 Bathing Suits

6. 3 pairs of shoes:

 Wedges: I wore these on the plain since they take up so much room in the suitcase.

Running shoes: I took this pair since they fold up so easily and don’t take up a lot of space.

Sandals: One comfy pair. You will also want to get a handmade pair in Italy!

7. Three pairs of workout clothes

8. 6 sundresses

9. 2 scarves: These can double as a bathing suit cover up

10. 3 pair of pajamas

11. 4 Tee shirts.

12. Bras and underwear: I always bring this bra for strapless dresses and tops.

 For the plane ride:

1. Bose headphones

2. Kind Bars (these are is my favorite!)

3. Travel wrap

4. Fuzzy socks to slip on during the plain ride

5. Laptop filled with movies.

amalfi coast summer packing list