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We are well into our half marathon training schedule and running has become my favorite time to relax, pray and enjoy the outdoors.  I’ve learned runner’s high IS a real thing and am even sleeping better.

I now look forward to those long Saturday morning runs and seeing improvement in my time really keeps me going.  Not every day is better or easier than the last, but it is an amazing feeling to set your mind on a goal and work toward something you never thought was possible.

I’m not going to lie the first 2-3 miles are really hard (especially when sore from the day before) but once you settle in and get your natural stride, it feels pretty great.

I finally found the perfect runnng shoe from Nordstrom that I love! (I am a neutral runner.) This pair by Brooks are my favorite.

Side note on socks: When I started running, I thought it was a bit ridiculous to spend more than $10 on one pair.  Now I get it.  Good socks are worth every penny.

Since I’m working out almost everyday, I love finding new athletic clothes to get me pumped in the morning.  This cozy sweatshirt is perfect to warm up in and these leggings are my favorite right now.

Having this schedule has definitely helped keep me accountable.  If you are interested in starting a training plan, print it off and track your times too!  I recommend signing up for a 10k or half marathon to have something to work for.



brooks running shoes




patagonia sweatshirt


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. // Images by Mary Summers.

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