This year I’ll be using rustic holiday decorations to give my place a warm homey feel.  This off-white sweater is perfect cuddling on the couch, this nest candle is the best holiday scent and this mini tree is perfect for my little apartment!

rustic holiday decorations

1. This off white cable knit sweater looks so cozy.

2. These holiday candles are my favorite this time of year and also make great gifts!

3. I love to set my makeup and perfume on a glamorous mirrored trey.

4. These little wooden ornaments are so cheerful!

5. I love these antler stocking holders.

6. This rose gold and marble frame is a perfect gift idea for $25.

7. This twist blouse is such a pretty color.

8. I love wearing these rockstud flats with ripped jeans.

9. This super soft blanket is perfect to cuddle on the couch with.

10. This holiday snow globe is so pretty.

11.  I am obsessed with these gold pinecone vases.

12. This classic marble lamp is so perfect.

13. This mini tree decoration wrapped in burlap is so adorable.

off white cable knit // holiday candles // glamorous mirrored trey // wooden ornaments // antler stocking holders // marble frame // twist blouse // rockstud flats // soft blanket // holiday snow globe //  gold pinecone vases // marble lamp // mini tree decoration


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