Holiday finds all under $200.

Holiday finds under $200

1. These black tassel earrings are perfect for a holiday party.

2. This Diptqyue candle set is a limited edition for the holidays.

3. I gave these emoji napkins to all of my girlfriends. They are the perfect gift for under $50.

4. This one shoulder blouse is so fun!

5. This bow eye mask would be a great stocking stuffer.

6. I love this bronzer/blush palette.

7. This beauty kit is on my wish list.

8. This lace thong is my new favorite.

9. I just got this new glitter phone case and love it!

10. This faux fur trim parka jacket is perfect for Winter.

11. My sisters and I always get my mom a brush set for her stocking.

12. Nothing is more classic than a clean white blouse.

13. This gold holiday candle is so pretty.

14. I just noticed that revolve started carrying beauty.

15. These pointed heels are so classic.

black tassel earrings // Diptqyue candle set // emoji napkins // one shoulder blouse // bow eye mask // bronzer/blush palette // beauty kit // lace thong // glitter phone case // parka jacket // brush set // white blouse // gold holiday candle // beauty balm // pointed heels


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