Since a few of you asked where we stayed and what we were doing in NYC over the weekend, I figured I would share all of the details.

krystal schlegel and boyfriend luke davis

Since Luke and I have been working on blog campaigns, we decided to start a travel savings and use the money we have made from working together on trips.

We both love New York City, but had never been together, so it was a really special holiday weekend.

We decided to stay at the Plaza hotel with a perfect location and lovely decorations.  We were able to run in central park, walk to all of our reservations and meet up with a few friends that were also there!

We travel really well together because we both like to be organized with our packing, are usually on the same page about plans and he puts up with me wanting to get to the airport super early!

We never like to check bags, so I just packed a few black and white outfits, my favorite pajamas, workout clothes, my Brooks running shoes,  these glovesthis pair of heeled boots and this pair of flat boots in my roll on bag.

We did a lot of window shopping, but the only thing we bought were a pair of Uggs! Luke got this pair of slippers and I got these!  I am so glad we did because after our long run on Sunday, my feet were killing me and I was so grateful to have comfy boots for the plane ride home!

Here is a full list of where we went over the weekend and this is a full guide on NYC I made last year.




winter white


white coat

stuart weitzman over the knee boots


Images by Lydia Hudgens