1. Work your way up:

When I started, I could barley run a mile!  Don’t be intimidated with a large number ahead. You can work your way up by running half a mile then walking half a mile until your body gets used to running.

2. Make a schedule:

All of my runs and distances are scheduled in my iPhone calendar just like a meeting.  Then I record my time on this spreadsheet.  You can find my current schedule here. (I’m on week 13.)

3. Find the proper shoe for you:

I wear these for long runs, but it took awhile for me to find the right pair.

4. Think small:

Once you start running long distances, break the run down in your head.  When I run 10 miles, I think of it as 4 2.5 mile runs.

5. Find a trail you enjoy:

I normally run on the Katy Trail because every quarter mile is marked and it is close to my apartment.  When traveling, you can usually find a good path online.  In New York, we ran two loops in central park and it was so beautiful!

6. Make a great playlist:

Music helps me run so much faster.  I love these headphones because they don’t fall out.

7. Get the right gear:

I keep my phone, keys and gels inside this running belt.  It’s so dorky, but I love it!  Gloves are neccesary for really cold days and these leggings are my favorite right now.

8. Relax and enjoy it:

I used to get so nervous before a long run, but now I try to remember to just relax, breath, think about my form and enjoy the ride!



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Images by Mary Summers