A few new favorites I recently ordered and loved are these pointed booties, (They are so comfortable and under $50.) this lace sleeve dress, this bell sleeve sweater and this makeup brush! (It’s the softest thing ever.)

new favorites

1. This black cashmere turtleneck is so soft and cozy.

2. These tassel earrings are so fun for a night out.

3. This puffer jacket looks so warm.

4. These pointed booties are such a good price point.  I wore them in this post.

5. I wore this lace sleeve dress for New Years Eve.  Here is a pic!

6. I’m obsessed with my new iPhone case!

7. This fur trim parka is so pretty and just got marked down.

8. I ordered this oval makeup brush and loved it so much that I also got it in a few more sizes.

9. These leather look jeans are my favorite pair to wear with sweaters for a cool contrast.

10. I just got this fun bell sleeve sweater and can’t wait to wear it this weekend!

black cashmere turtleneck // tassel earrings // puffer jacket // pointed booties // lace sleeve dress // my new iPhone case // fur trim parka // oval makeup brush // leather look jeans // bell sleeve sweater