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Luke has been alternating between this grey shirt and this black v-neck that we ordered from Nordstrom.  He also loves these classic loafers because they look good with a suit for the office and with jeans over the weekend.

I’ve been wearing this crewneck tee with everything lately and love to style it for a causal date night with these heels and jeans.

A few of our favorite simple date ideas:

1. Walk to dinner and sit outside.  After a long day of work, it’s nice to just throw on jeans and sneakers and enjoy some fresh air.

2. Watch a documentary.  The other night we watched The Crash Reel on Luke’s iPhone.  We both loved it.

3. Bike to each other’s house.  Luke recently got a new bike and has been riding over to my place.  It has been so fun and kind of makes you feel like kids before you could drive!

4. Make a reservation.  The simple effort of having a reservation makes the date feel so much more special.

5. Stop by the local market.  We recently went to one called Local in Highland Park Village after getting smoothies.  We ran into a few friends and got ideas for what to make for dinner!

6. Book a couples massage.  This is always a fun way to unwind.

7. Train for a race.  We trained for the Austin half marathon in February together and still love to meet for a run in the morning.  It’s a nice way to catch up before work.

8. Visit each other’s old neighborhoods.  We recently drove out to see the house where Luke grew up.  He gave me a tour of his grade school, high school and the area.  It was so much fun and I could finally put a visual to his childhood stories.

9. Attend Church together.  We both love going to Church together on Sunday mornings.  Afterward we usually get lunch and reflect on the service.

10. Take a road trip.  The other night we were talking about our favorite memories together  and one of mine was the first Football game we went to.  After a few weeks of dating, we drove to Oklahoma and went to the OU game. The three hour drive was a fun way to get to know each other!

You can read about what we did for our first date here.


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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  Images by Mary Summers.


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  1. I bet that really was so nice to be able to tour Luke’s old stomping grounds. Having a visual really helps bring stories to life! And some of my favorite memories are roadtrips too! In the first year we were dating I made my now-husband come on a 12 hour trip and a 26 hour trip with me and being the gentleman he is he drove the entire way both times (not saying I planned that but it certainly worked out in my favor haha!)